The End of an Era

Dear Friends of All Small Caps:

It is tremendously bittersweet to announce that All Small Caps is coming to an end. October 27th, 2014, will be our last reading. Please come out and support the reading series for our final two readings.

An eight-year run of readings for All Small Caps sprang from an impromptu conversation in a bar room. We’ve had many amazing readings that have given folks an opportunity to hear some of the best contemporary poets in their neighborhood pub. Poets from just down the street, Brooklyn, California, Milwaukee, England, and everywhere in between. We’ve provided a venue for folks to try out their new work and develop their own voice in an environment that was receptive and welcoming.

Thanks to all who contributed to making that environment. It all happened because we put in the time and effort to make it happen. We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve added to the community, both of Wendell and of poetry. Thanks to everyone for supporting the series. Please help us end our run on a high note and come to the next two readings. We hope to see you there.

— Jess, Charlie, Stephen, and Paul


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